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Owner Services
Cottage Rental Listings & Other Services & - Websites for cottage and business owners, by owners.
As owners of a cottage at Cultus Lake, and a small business, we built these websites to help showcase and market our own property for occasional revenue opportunity, when we were not using it. We soon realized the value in creating websites that would benefit all owners of the niche Cultus Lake region - websites that would create a unique brand identity for the region surpassing all other resort property websites while collectively meeting all our needs and helping increase our rental revenues and the overall value of our individual properties. We understand other owners’ needs and wants when enjoying your own cottage and when promoting your cottage for rental. Trust, discretion, cooperation, and success are what we offer. Our primary focus is to provide benefits for all of us, the owners of cottages, homes and businesses in the Cultus Lake region.

Cottage Listings | Listing Enhancements | Cottage Website Development | Other Services

Cottage/Home Listing
We offer cottage owners a listing on this site for only $99 per year – this site already has Google top ranked positions and gets high traffic and visitors. Simply email to the following information:

  • A photo in jpg format preferred (photos always speak louder than words).
  • The general location of your property (ie. Lindell Beach, North end, South end, etc).
  • A short property description including number of people the cottage sleeps, features, etc.
  • Your name, telephone number and/or email address so potential renters can contact you directly with inquiries.

We will then list your cottage or home on this website. Based on our current traffic, we expect you will benefit immediately from this exposure. Type in "cultus lake cottage rentals' or related search criteria in Google and see that we have several pages on the first page of the Google search results.


Listing Enhancements
For cottage and business owners interested in value-added listing services, enhanced listings, or creating your own self-managed or full-managed website; and related business and online marketing services, please contact us here for more details: :


Want Your Own Cottage or Business Website?
If you prefer to have your own customized website just for your cottage or business, we can develop it for you. You can update it yourself or have us update it periodically for you - whatever option you prefer. We offer great rates for our fellow cottage and business owners. Learn more here.


Need Business and Marketing Consulting for your Cottage Rental Business or other Business?
We also offer our professional business and marketing consulting services to our fellow cottage owners to help set up and maximize your cottage rental business or other businesses you may own. Learn more here.


About our Websites & and our other affiliated websites are quickly becoming the leading portal websites for vacationers to use when looking for that perfect vacation cottage rental at Cultus Lake. We are receiving significant website traffic and rental inquires through our online marketing expertise and activities and you can share in that success. Our primary focus is to provide benefits for all of us, the owners of cottages, homes and businesses in the Cultus Lake region.


About Vacation Property Promotion
There are several standard ways to marketing a vacation rental property including:

  1. Advertising on a rental portal (such as, etc). These business are built on a paid advertising model and usually cost in the region of $49 - $249 p.a. and although traffic may be good for the whole site, its likely to be poor for specific locations.
  2. Tell your friends, family and work colleagues. Unless you have a lot of friends or work in an industry that provides some opportunity to market vacations, this may only work occasionally.
  3. Advertise in local classifieds. Easy to do and usually free if you avoid print, traffic on these sites e.g. ; ; ; is usually much higher than on rental portals that are built on a paid advertising model. The problem is these sites often use a newest first sort order so your listing can be snowed under pretty quickly if you are not updating on a frequent basis.
  4. Offline marketing. Posting on work noticeboards, coffee shops, etc usually requires big effort for small results.
  5. Develop a database of repeat customers you can market to (CRM style). This may take 1-2 years to get off the ground.
  6. Develop your own website. Tricky to do well if you don’t have the experience and usually expensive to do if you sub-contract this to a professional. Once you have made this investment you have to consider making an additional investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will likely take months to start working and also Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to make the first investment worthwhile.

The facts are that the majority of people searching for vacation rentals (and anything else these days) are using the internet and specifically they are using GOOGLE. & offers us owners a powerful web-based solution to drive prospective clients to – not only through our online marketing efforts but also through any of the above marketing efforts we may perform individually. The goal is that our individual marketing efforts will drive visitors to these sites to benefit us all. There are numerous other destination resorts using this model to reference as benchmarks of success. Examples include several strata councils and cooperative groups who ‘collectively’ contribute to marketing their community or resort as a discrete brand and resort identity.

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